Kartell Dolly Modern Folding Chair by Antonio Citterio Kartell Dolly Modern Folding Chair by Antonio Citterio

    Kartell Dolly Modern Folding Chair by Antonio Citterio

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    Kartell Dolly Modern Folding Chair
    Designer: Antonio Citterio
    Manufacturer: Kartell

    One of the most beautiful new folding chairs!
    Kartell's Dolly is a unique folding armchair. Dolly was designed by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio for Kartell in Italy. Antonio Citterio came up with a brilliant design: a chair that combines the functional qualities of a standard folding chair with the comfort of a small armchair. The elegance and formal lightness of the Kartell Dolly Folding Chair is paired with a solid structure, making it a sophisticated and functional seating solution for any location, be it as a wedding chair, reception chair, convention chair or party chair. Its sleek lines and color options give it broad aesthetic design appeal, while its compact folded dimensions make it an easy chair to store and transport. Kartell's Dolly Folding chair features an easy-to-clean plastic seat that can adapt to either the home or office. The chair can be used indoors as well outdoors, and of course... it can be folded for easy storage.

    The result of intense technical design, the Dolly folding chair combines a sophisticated and solid structural system with the elegance and formality of its agility in the overall design. The seat is made of the same plastic material as the structure. The seat is great for a wide range of settings, from the home to the office, thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance.

    Size: 20.5"W x 31.8"D x 31.5"H
    Seat Height: 17.3"H
    Material: batch-dyed or painted polypropylene

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