Moooi Cork Stool Tall by Jasper Morrison Moooi Cork Stool Tall by Jasper Morrison

    Moooi Cork Stool Tall by Jasper Morrison

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    moooi contemporary modern design furniture and lighting

    Moooi Cork Stool Tall by Jasper Morrison
    Cork Stool 'Tall' by Moooi
    Measures 13.4" tall by 12.6" wide 

    Designer: Jasper Morrison
    Manufacturer: Moooi
    Collection: Moooi Corks 

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    Moooi Cork Stool Tall by Jasper Morrison.
    Also available: Moooi Cork Stool Low.

    Moooi Cork Stool Tall (13.4" h x 12.6" w) by Jasper Morrison, part of the Moooi Corks series.  The renowned Cork Stool was designed by British top designer Jasper Morrison for Moooi in the Netherlands.  The Cork Stool is one of the most prominent furniture designs in the Moooi collection.  Moooi Cork Stool Low by Jasper Morrison, use as a side table, stool or ottoman. Robustly built, stable and individual in character, the attractive Cork Stools are truly timeless. The Cork Stools was designed by Jasper Morrison for Moooi in the Netherlands. The Jasper Morrison Cork Stools are fashioned from dark brown Portuguese cork which is harvested from the Quercus Suber in the Montado region of Portugal.  Cork is a naturally sound choice for these stools since cork has several advantages: cork is a warm material thanks to its great thermal values, it is naturally waterproof and enormously tough. These Cork Stools are therefore perfect for a variety of applications, use them in the living room, bathroom, day spa, etc. These attractive Cork Stools will compliment any interior with their stylish appeal.  Select from either a low or tall version. The Jasper Morrison Cork Stools feature a small engraved plate with the Moooi logo and the name of the designer Jasper Morrison on the underside.   The Cork Stool by Moooi is available from Stardust with Free Shipping and a Low Price Guarantee.  Interested in more work by the same designer?  Also check the Jasper Morrison Cork Stools and Tables from Vitra which are turned in a lighter color of cork.

    The visually appealing Cork Stool by Moooi was designed by Jasper Morrison and is created by Moooi in the Netherlands.  A single Moooi Cork Stool in a living room can create a strong and eye catching focal point that creates a truly inviting living room atmosphere.  Or use multiple pieces of various heights around the room to reach a dramatic and decorative effect.  The trendsetting design collection by Moooi includes a brilliant mix of contemporary home accessories, furniture, lighting, housewares and design objects.  Dutch design firm Moooi creates contemporary modern furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom.  The Moooi collection is on display at the Stardust showroom.  Designed and imported from the Netherlands, the shockingly beautiful Moooi Cork Stool is one of our finest modern stools with timeless appeal.

    Cork was invented by Dom Perignon, a famous French monk, in the 1600s. His name may sound familiar to those of us who have had a chance to sip his namesake French Champagne. Dom Perignon was the first to have fitted his Champagne with Cork and it has remained one of the staples in the wine industry ever since. Yet, Cork is no longer solely reserved for Champagne corks, wine bottle corks or cork flooring. One of the most eco-friendly and naturally supplied materials, Cork is making a breakthrough a new base material for a variety of fashionable furniture applications. Cork is a readily available material, it is renewable, sustainable and environmentally sound. Cork is an inherently natural resource, being both renewable and biodegrable. Cork is harvested from the bark of Cork Oak Tree and contrary to popular belief, Cork Oak Trees do not need to be cut down in order to produce cork.

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    Collection: Moooi
    Moooi Product Code: MOSCHO
    Material: dark brown cork
    Dimensions: 13.4"h x 12.6"w 
    Shape: rounded
    Finish: dark brown cork, natural
    Country of Origin: Netherlands
    Product Category: furniture, stools, seating 
    Style: Dutch design, modern, contemporary
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